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Jack. 21 year old student. Leicester/Oxford.

This is the coolest record that came in the mail today, debatably even the coolest record I own. It certainly has the best insert than any of my other records. Children of Desire comes with a small 19 page book titled “Desire in the Mouth of Dogs” which the singer describes as a “fictional journal, loosely based on the record”. All of the lyrics on the record are hidden within the story as the singer wanted people to have to read the book in order to gain the real meaning of the record. He states in an interview “Anybody who is just getting the mp3s is only getting half the story”. For fans of Merchandise this book alone should be enough incentive to buy the record if you can find a copy. Katorga works (the label that released this) have sold out I believe but you can buy one off amazon. Give the interview I mentioned a read here:

Merchandise Children Of Desire 1st pressing black/1000

  • 21 February 2013
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